As we reach the end of the year we were scratching our heads a bit about what kind of a special we could release for the festive season. Seeing as no one at the brewery is really into Christmas Ales, and we already had a couple of stouts on the go we had to think a bit out of the box.

Ever since Darren joined us about 3 months ago, he’d been banging on about making a sour cherry cola candy inspired beer. Back when we were kids we went crazy for those sour face-contorting cherry cola sweets. Darren’s idea was to bring that back but in the form of a sour beer.

Now what would a Cherry Cola Sour beer have to do with Christmas ? Well we read somewhere that Coca Cola was responsible for the modern depiction of the red and white Santa we’ve all grown up with. If this entirely true or not we don’t know, we just needed some kind of reason to make that beer. A bit far fetched ? Maybe, but hey f**k it it’s here now…


Loca Lola is a fruity and tangy kettle sour full of flavours and aromas of cherries, citrus zest, cola and spices. Not quite as sour as the sweets, but with enough zing to stimulate those taste buds after one too many dark beers.

You can get cans of ‘Loca Lola’ right now from our online store